The Purpose of the Legacy Collective Blog

The purpose of the Legacy Collective blog is to spread the word on topics relating to social impact development. To me, this isn’t a trend that I’m hoping to monetize. It’s beyond that. Over the past year, I’ve worked to connect with leaders within development that share a passion for doing work to improve the communities with which they are involved.  I intend to share the thoughts and ideas of visionaries who are shaping the future of how outsiders see Philadelphia, as well as those who are active within their local communities - whether it’s a neighborhood, church or school.  

In doing this, my hope is to get my readers excited and hopefully inspire others to be of service to others, on whatever scale, no matter what industry they are in. Although the focus of my writing will be real estate development, much of what I share can be applied to any industry. Social impact teaching. Social impact banking. Social impact mechanics. To me, “social impact” is a way of being, and real estate development just happens to be the field I’m in.

This is something that I’m learning to do as I go, but I’m understanding that this way of being naturally lends itself to financial rewards…and I hope to share examples of things I’ve done that are “creative” in order to achieve what I want as a social impact developer.