Legacy Projects: Building Intentional Partnerships

I was hesitant on putting my past projects up here because I felt like what I’ve done in the past doesn’t align with what I’m looking to do with Legacy Collective going forward- but this is how my Legacy started so now I feel inclined to share it because it’s part of my journey. The point of me sharing this is so you can gain an understanding of my track record. Most properties that were purchased required building trust with a potential partner or investor. Going forward requires me to do much of the same- but I look to be more intentional on who I partner with.

Here’s a few highlights of deals I’ve closed over the years:

Track Record

Pay attention to the numbers, which are circled in red. I share this because getting into real estate doesn’t mean you need to have deep pockets. Most developers aren’t using their own money to fund their projects, and even if they are, you need to know that it isn’t the only way. There are many things I love about real estate- the potential to impact lives with what is created, the ability to give me time to be with my family and being able to use it as a vehicle to build generational wealth- which for a lot of people, feels so far removed and not even a possible. But along with this, comes the possibility of creating financial freedom to spend time with those who matter most and do the things that make our lives more meaningful- AND you don't need to be a landlord or rehabber to achieve any of this. People keep their careers and do all this without crunching numbers, managing contractors, etc.

- Have you thought of investing in real estate as an additional stream of income but don’t know how to get started? If you haven’t, have you thought of building an additional revenue stream but can’t because your time is committed to your job and you can’t possibly take on another thing to do?

- Would you call yourself a socially conscious consumer? Are you mindful about the brands you buy because their goals and mission align with yours? If so, have you thought that you could also be a socially conscious investor? That money that you invest (whether it’s in real estate, an investment fund or some other vehicle) can support socially conscious businesses, while you receive a return on your money?

I'd love to hear from you even if none of this relates to you or is on your radar. Don't hesitate to reach out if you have questions or just want to connect!