Message from the Founder

I’m Beverly Buella. I’ve worked in residential real estate development for the past 10 years - as a broker, an agent, a landlord, and a developer. Most of my projects have focused on single family residential properties - in areas that have been experiencing growth throughout Philadelphia - Point Breeze, Temple, University City, Kensington, Whitman, Mount Airy, Germantown, and the suburbs.   

I started out by building a network of investors to buy the deals I would find. After doing that for a while, I took the plunge and started the various aspects of development - raising the money to purchase, manage the rehab, and sell it - among other things. Later, after having two children, I wanted to take the less risky route and go back to how I started: being the intermediary for investors and acting as the agent or broker on the deals I was finding. I quickly learned that my strengths and passion are in seeing the potential for a project and that I wanted to be part of the finished product that in the end has an impact on the community.

Despite being good at the various aspects of development, I found that the work that was keeping me busy wasn’t quite fulfilling or meaningful. As a developer, I was repeating a formula: pounding the pavement to find properties that I could fix and sell that have a good return and essentially being out of a neighborhood after the property has sold. But what I realized is that I have always felt connected to working on projects that have a significant impact on the lives of others.  Even when I was employed prior to pursuing a career in real estate, I always gravitated to jobs that had a social impact. So why not do that through my work as a developer?