Brilla Jarldane

As a retiree, I’m not looking to put my cash in long term investments.  Private lending is the perfect way for me to put my finances to work, offering short term, high yield with minimal risk.  Beverly tells me how my money is being used and has delivered every time on the terms of our agreements. I receive quarterly checks with very little work on my end.

Dr. Nirav Patel, MD

Private lending has been a safe, secure and seamless process thus far, especially when working with Beverly.  She has taken the time to make me feel comfortable and inform me on all the details, while handling all logistics to make sure that the effort on my end is kept to a minimum.  As a young professional, it is challenging to find the time to evaluate various investment options and feel confident that I am making the right decision for my financial future. Private lending is simple, straight forward and a great investment for anyone who may be seeking alternatives to traditional investment options available in today's market.

Rachel Fitoussi, Partner Fitoussi & Associates

I am an estates and trusts attorney and several of my clients have worked with Ms. Buella. They all told me that she was amazing. Not only was she knowledgeable and made the process easy, she was kind and compassionate. She bent over backwards to help, often picking up clients who didn't have any means of transportation at their homes and bringing them to settlement. My clients were all going through a difficult time, having lost a loved one. Ms. Buella was warm and caring, making that period in their lives a little less painful. I would recommend Ms. Buella without reservation.

Short Saleability & Remax Advantage

I am a licensed real estate agent. I worked with Beverly on a transaction for a property she was selling. Mrs. Buella was very responsive and a great communicator. I experienced no delays in receiving required documents to complete the transactions. Mrs Buella was honest, respectful and ethical. She kept her word in our dealings. I did not know Beverly prior to this transaction and I enjoyed working with her

Jeanne Meehan

Selling a house is stressful especially when the house is in Fort Washington and the seller (me) is in Florida. Beverly was great from start to finish. Add to that the fact that the house is one of a kind from revolutionary war times and there are no comparables to help set a price. Nothing got in her way and she was pleasant and professional and persistent. I really enjoyed the whole process. Also, and very significant was that I was not there for the closing and Beverly knew my son and I had a lot of great memories from the house. As a surprise, she took the numbers from the house as a memento and framed them for me and sent them to me in Florida. I was brought to tears when I opened the package. So yes you should call Beverly to list your house. She is fantastic.